_ Delight

Diesel Clothing:
The Friendship Gallery

Amit: When James and I were asked by Diesel to pick an emotion out of a list, we chose Delight. For us Delight is a kid jumping in a puddle on a rainy day, or a big colorful candy bar that is much too big for your mouth. As the years pass by, delight turns from a raw emotion into a polite gesture - 'Delighted to meet you'. But for a lucky few, Delight carries through to adulthood with the same vigorous flavor.

We often use Code to create our work, but for this project, James and I decided to go back to our 'roots' - pure animation and music. We hope you enjoy.

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_ 222

Sony Playstation2 Europe:
The Third Place

Amit: '222' was created by INSERTSILENCE for thethirdplace.com -
a gallery sponsored by SONY PLAYSTATION EUROPE, and curated by the amazing crew at Hi-Res! Studios.

While working on the piece, we considered the mechanics of Game-console Combos (think Tekken, SF, DOA ...), as well as the learning curve and reward systems that these games provide.

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_ Bjork: Pagan Poetry


In winter 2001, we were asked by Nick Knight to collaborate on a project for Bjork’s song Pagan Poetry. Knight, who was working on the music video at the time, invited us to provide our interactive interpretation of the song.

The source material for our piece consisted of originally hand drawn artwork, and still images from the Video (which was then still in production). This material was then processed and scanned into a custom built piece of software which enabled us to perform and record animation, similar to the manner in which music is performed and recorded with an Audio Multi-track system.

With the recorded animation at hand, we added an interactive component - a simple drawing tool - that enables the viewer to interfere with and hijack the pre-recorded animation. Alternatively, the viewer may choose to simply sit back and passively experience the work.

At last, the interactive project was grouped together with an uncensored version of the music video, as well as typeface by Paul Barnes. All three projects are available at Nick Knight’s site, SHOWstudio.

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_ Config 2


This piece was never released online due to tricky plugins, user settings, and general web unfriendliness. It was intended only for live performances, and premiered at Flash Forward 2001 NYC.

More info to come...

_ Aug 16th


James: This piece was spawned out of our long-time desire to play animation as if it were music.

Animation is such a drawn out process; the difference in speed between its creation time and its viewed timeframe is gigantic. Music on the other hand can just pour out in real-time. There is something magical in that instantaneous turnover that we really wanted to apply through motion to graphics. So while there was still a lot of prep work using more conventional animation techniques, the final recording was performed in real-time in direct reaction to the song.

The music for this piece is a song called 'Just Plain Scared' by NY based The Big Lazy.

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_ Config 1

Codex 3 CDROM:
Narrative Exporation Beyond the Book

James: Matt Owens invited us to do a piece for a CD-ROM he was putting together called Codex 3. What we came up with for the disc was our first real collaboration. We had been working on little ideas already, and had been having loads of drunken conversations at the local bar, Enid's. But this was to be our first complete effort as a team.

Day job ends.. subway from mid-town to Brooklyn.. spicy chicken noodle from thai food place across street.. work-work-work at Amit's.. go to Enid's and drink El Presidente and yammer on about life the universe and everything... pass out early in the morning... drag self out of bed to day job.. repeat for a month.

After delivering our work to Matt for the CD-Rom, we jumped on a plane to San Francisco to present our new jewel at Flash Forward 2001.

The Codex 3 CD-Rom also includes work by ALT77, Automatic, Dect, Develop Industrial, Elixir Studio, K10K, Mike Young, Norm, The OFP, Steve Bowden & Toby Boudreaux, Rinzen, and Wideopenspaces. Go and pick it up at Youworkforthem.

Visit Owen's work at www.volumeone.com and www.one9ine.com

There are 4 tracks of music in the CD-Rom version of this piece:
1. 'Paradigm Shift' by Lypid.
2-4. Assorted K-rad.

The web version only features the Lypid track.

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